Corporate social responsibility programme

OP's CSR targets are guided and coordinated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. The programme was updated in 2017 under the umbrella theme “Positive driver of change through responsibility”. The programme is built around four main themes: 1) We foster a sustainable economy, 2) We support local vitality, 3) We act with a people-first approach and through engagement and 4) We foster health, security and wellbeing.



KPIs of the CSR Programme

  2017 2016 (if available)
Own CO2 emission, tn CO2e 20,964 18,559
Renewable energy, % 13  
Charitable donations, € million 2.3 6
Diversity objective, % 21  
Recommendation / NPS 58 53

Promotion of the CSR Programme targets in 2017

1) We foster a sustainable economy

  • We revised our Code of Business Ethics by adding our key environmental and climate principles in it.
  • We increased the use of renewable energy in our offices. For example, we built a solar power station at the OP Vallila campus in Helsinki and at the Pohjola Hospitals in Kuopio and Oulu.
  • The new Pohjola Hospitals were LEED certified: The Kuopio unit reached the LEED Platinum level, which means that the building is excellent in terms of the environment and energy efficiency.
  • We revised our principles for responsible investment and ownership policy and began to vote also in the general meetings of foreign companies.
  • We published the first fund-specific responsibility analyses (ESG analyses) that cover areas such as the funds’ positive environmental impacts.
  • We joined the Climate Action 100+ initiative in which investors engage together in projects under shared themes.

2) We support local vitality

  • We donated a total of EUR 6.3 million to Finnish universities during the 2015–2017 donation period. In 2017, we donated approximately EUR 800,000.
  • We continued to calculate our tax footprint.
  • Hiiop: In the ”100 years of volunteering” project, we cooperated with more than 100 third-sector partners.
  • In 2017, 130 OP employees were involved in a financial literacy project by giving financial advice to young people at risk of becoming marginalised.
  • We participated in the HundrED project as one of the main partners.

3) We act with a people-first approach and through engagement

  • We organised the biggest electronic voting in Finland in which a new Representative Assembly was elected for 81 Group cooperative banks.
  • Each employee was allowed to do one day of paid volunteer work as a gift to the 100-year-old Finland. OP employees donated a total of 100 years of volunteering as part of the Hiiop 100 project.
  • We performed a wide range of work with stakeholders and invited customers to join the various stages of our product development efforts.

  • Through the ”Summer jobs paid for by OP” project, more than 1,000 your persons got a summer job with a non-profit organisation, paid for by the local OP Group cooperative bank.

4) We foster health, security and wellbeing

  • Our sports masters provided training to sports clubs’ coaches in order to prevent sports accidents.
  • We promoted traffic safety through the ”Traffic act of the century” project.
  • We introduced new services that make our customers’ daily lives easier, such as the OP Flexible Car, the Siirto payments and the fully digital travel insurance.

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