Corporate Governance

In their decision-making and corporate governance, OP Financial Group and its central cooperative, OP Cooperative, comply with the laws of Finland and standards issued by virtue of them.

OP Financial Group’s operations are specifically governed by the Act on the Amalgamation of Deposit Banks (Laki talletuspankkien yhteenliittymästä), the Act on Cooperative Banks and Other Cooperative Institutions, the Act on Credit Institutions, the Insurance Companies Act and the Co-operatives Act.

Taking into account the specific characteristics of the cooperative system, OP Financial Group’s Corporate Governance conforms, whenever applicable, with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code approved by the Securities Market Association in October 2015.

In addition, OP Financial Group follows the Code of Business Ethics in its operations.

The Corporate Governance principles describe the structure and tasks of OP Financial Group and its key functions and units, the duties and responsibilities of key administrative bodies, Group and corporate steering principles, as well as internal control and financial reporting. Corporate Governance enables OP Financial Group to ensure that its operations are open and transparent.

Corporate Governance is available on OP's website.

Download OP Financial Group's Corporate Governance Statement 2017 here.