Employing top professionals

OP Financial Group’s journey towards becoming a diversified services company, as defined in our strategy, means a major change process also for the personnel. In HR matters, we focus on the renewal and development of our competencies, management and corporate culture.

The industry disruption challenges the organisation’s reinvention ability and tightens skill requirements in terms of administration, management and personnel. Cooperation, efficiency, reinvention and excellent change management capacity are at the core of management and leadership. OP’s culture is based on strong values and the spirit of continuous reinvention and reform. Highly skilled and motivated employees are a success factor, enabling OP to meet the challenges of the changing operating environment and digitalisation.

Various ways to develop and enhance competencies

OP Financial Group offers all employee groups a variety of ways to develop their competencies. The basis for development is to understand OP’s strategy and how OP’s strategic transformation will affect one’s own work, activities and competence needs.

During 2017, OP Financial Group has been building an operating model to update employee competencies. Such a model is being built since digitisation and automation will destroy some of the existing jobs in the financial sector. Meanwhile, digitisation and automation also create new jobs which require new competencies. The operating model aims to encourage and steer employees to keep their own labour market value up to date. OP seeks to provide support, in terms of education, training and in finding a new type of job, for those employees whose job will either cease to exist or drastically change in the future. The first actions within this model will be started in 2018, and some have already been piloted.

OP Financial Group's strategy and annual plan are being put into practice through annual performance and career development reviews covering all OP employees in Finland and abroad. The number of hours used for education and training totalled 15 h per employee in OP Financial Group in 2017.

In order to develop the competencies of the members of OP cooperative banks' Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards, we have created comprehensive competence development packages consisting of online courses and training days. Board work and competence development aim to help the members successfully perform their duties in OP cooperative banks' governance, thereby supporting the reinvention of the entire OP Financial Group.

Contributing to work ability with personnel surveys and wellbeing questionnaire

OP Financial Group has two types of organisation-wide personnel surveys: an extensive Personnel Survey and a more fast-paced Personnel Pulse. The results of the 2017 Personnel Survey were good. According to the survey, OP’s key success factors are customer focus, confidence in the future and value-based performance.

The operating models of employee wellbeing, occupational healthcare and occupational safety practices increasingly contribute to safeguarding employees' work ability throughout their careers. The health and wellbeing questionnaire annually sent to employees enables us to identify priorities and needs for our employee wellbeing activities from the employee perspective.



OP is an attractive employer

In employer image surveys conducted by Universum in 2017, among business/commerce or IT professionals OP was the most attractive employer in the financial sector, ranking 7th among all sectors. In the corresponding survey for students, OP improved its rank among business students from 4th to 3rd with all employer sectors included. In the IT sector, OP was awarded as the year's highest climber as its rank rose from 31st to 15th.

We seek to constantly develop OP's national employer image among students and professionals through versatile cooperation, visibility and diversified career opportunities. Our cooperation with educational institutions included, for instance, various projects, recruitment events, expert lectures and student visits.

In the summer of 2017, OP Financial Group provided jobs for 439 summer employees. In addition, the OP Kiitorata trainee programme launched within Development and Technologies, aroused intense interest among university students. Based on the excellent results and experience from the pilot, the trainee programme was extended into other organisational units, too.