OP as part of society

OP influences society on a wide front through its operations. The financial sector plays a key role in economic prosperity both directly and indirectly. We provide necessary basic services and business opportunities for citizens, companies and organisations.

In the social role, we promote the long-term success and prosperity of the community by representing a positive driver in the operating region. The social role involves impactful actions for the benefit of the community at both local and national level. 

We seek superior customer experience that we provide in all service encounters – in both face to face and digitally. Customer experience and its ongoing improvement is one of our most important targets, which is measured using a customer experience indicator. We seek to provide the best multichannel customer experience in the sector by creating ongoing and relevant encounters in all channels.

We take account of risk management, data security and responsibility aspects at all stages of our value chain. OP’s centralised procurement is in charge of procuring the most important products and services within the Group. We expect product suppliers and service providers to conform with OP’s Corporate Social Responsibility supplier requirements, OP Financial Group’s General Procurement Terms and Conditions, Code of Business Ethics and any applicable legislation and international agreements.

OP is strongly committed to its customers and operating environment. We foster a sustainable economy, for example, by providing local business with financing. OP has a local impact across Finland, as the Group’s branch and service network is the most extensive and has the best coverage in Finland. Moreover, OP’s economic impacts also involves indirect impacts on local and regional economic vitality.